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Travel Where and When You Want With The Assistance of A
Personal Travel Companion
Personal Travel Assistant



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Take An Elder Travel Companion
With You To: Visit Grand Kids,
Weddings or Graduations, Family Holidays,
US Or European Vacations

Welcome From Beth Bates
We see each individual alive with possibilities. We infuse our care with the honor and respect of a daughter, the laughter and fun of a friend, the skills and professionalism of the best Elder Travel Companions and Personal Travel Assistant team at Care-To-Go.

You know how unique your loved one is.  Just like you we will come to know the uniqueness of your loved one.  We will be accommodating and facilitating their Travel and will be helping to enrich their life’s to the fullest.

                                   Planes, Trains, and Cruise Ships

We can provide a travel assistant for air travel, train travel, a cruise or a fun vacation.  Whatever your Travel Companion needs may be, having travel assistance can make all the difference.

We all enjoy getting out in the world, traveling where and when we wish.  Now with the help of a Travel Companion you can go where you need to with the safety of a Professional Travel Companion and Travel Assistant. Our Travel Companions can begin trips from most cities.

We will provide Travel Tips, FAQ and Disability Assistance information as well as Personal Travel Companions to provide you with the highest level of Professional Travel Companions.

From our Home to yours,


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Contact Beth Bates at Care-To-Go 480-284-8611 or 800-818-0407.